Márton Sarkadi Nagy (1988) is an investigative reporter and researcher based in Budapest, Hungary.

He studied Business Administration at the Budapest Corvinus University and Politics at ELTE in Budapest.

As a reporter in Hungarian media, he worked for Index, (now-defunct) Hírszerző, HVG, Átlátszó, 24.hu and Népszava.

He worked in various capacities for a number of international media including the FInancial Times and Deutsche Welle, and several other organisations interested in the business and political workings in Hungary.

His best-known work have featured (all in Hungarian):

  • the state grants to the agricultural holdings to a government minister’s family (one, two, three, four)
  • the curious resurfacing of the holdings of businessmen under prosecution in Lőrinc Mészáros‘s hands (one, two, three)
  • several shady aspects of the Russo-Hungarian energy trade (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven)
  • the seemingly illicitly managed bankruptcy of the Malév Hungarian airlines, later corroborated by government documents (one, two, three)
  • the possible involvement of secret services in a large-scale fraud case (one, two, three).

He founded the Hazug Senki site as a reaction to diminishing business, political and professional environment of investigative reporting in Hungary.

He currently works for a historical research institute and an online news video programme.